About Us

Welcome to the About page of the Show Dogs Appreciation Club. This organization was created in wake of the 142nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The dog show was named for the Westminster Hotel, near Union Square. A group of men met regularly at the hotel and, when they later created the club, someone suggested they name it after their favorite bar. Thus, the Westminster Kennel Club was born.

That got us thinking: If we, those who religiously watch and keep track of the show, did not know the origins of its name, what else are we missing? This is the thrust of our conceptualization of this website. The Show Dogs Appreciation Club is a place for dog show enthusiasts to share tidbits, fun facts, and stories about their experiences with the dog show. In addition to sharing our own coverage at future shows, we want to create a database for everything related to the Kennel Club and concomitant dog show.

Here, you will find articles detailing the history of Westminster, the application process, and what these furry celebrities experience during their time in the limelight. If you have a piece of writing or information you would like to contribute to our archive, please drop us a line; we would love to include whatever you have to share.