Resources for Show Dogs: Pet Airways

By Ricardo Warren

August 8, 2022

Pet Airways is a company that is dedicated solely to pet friendly travel. When a dog or cat owner is planning to move across the country this is never an easy decision. Transporting animals is difficult no matter how you go about it and the longer the distance, the more complicated it becomes. The following will provide you with an in-depth company profile that will basically provide you with anything you ever needed to know about Pet Airways.


Probably the most groundbreaking aspect of Pet Airways is that unlike other airlines, they allow your pet to travel up in the cabin instead of as cargo. Other companies, such as US Airways, while even though they treat pets well and place them in temperature controlled, pressurized areas of the plane away from the other cargo, they simply cannot provide the same high end kind of service. They have an intricate set of protocols and polices for handling animals that are written up by Dr. Jeff Werber, the veterinarian who took care of TV’s favorite canine star, Lassie.


Let’s face it; travel with pet in the car is usually not a good experience, especially for long distance drives. Instead of having to stop every few hours to let your pet stretch its legs, you can simply travel separately and entrust the care of your cat or dog to the professionals.


You will find that the company’s system could not be any simpler. You simply drop off your pet at the pet lounge and be on your way. The pet flight attendants will make sure that your cat or dog gets regular potty breaks along the way and will make sure that they are properly attended to at least every 15 minutes. When the flight is over you can simply pick them up at their destination’s pet lounge and you are ready to go. Every step of the journey is logged so you will be able to check their progress online whenever you wish.


In addition to the great experience your pet will have during the flight, there are plenty of added benefits that you stand to receive as a customer of the company including being a member of the My Paws club. Being a member entitles you to discounts on many goods and services including a 40 percent discount in their online store, 10 percent off of Pet Meds, and a 5 percent discount on Pets Best Insurance. However, most of these benefits can only be received by being a Gold Member, and there is an annual fee for this.


In conclusion, if you are traveling over a long distance and want to take a pet along, you have no better option than to choose Pet Airways. No other airline will provide them with the same benefits that a human passenger would receive.


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