Hotel Pennsylvania: A Surprising Dog Heaven

By Ricardo Warren

May 22, 2022

The Westminster Dog Show takes places at Madison Square Garden. The dog-friendly Hotel Pennsylvania sits just across the street, ready for the contestants to arrive. In fact, this hotel houses the majority of competitors for the duration of the show, transforming itself into a dog paradise each February in anticipation of the world’s most famous dog show. From an on-site Doggie Concierge to additional sleeping cots for furry friends, the staff at the Hotel Pennsylvania know what it means to take care of a show dog.

When arriving at the hotel, Westminster pets receive a welcome gift, treats, and access to the dog spa–“Room to Groom S’paw. With bathtubs, grooming spaces, and exercise areas, this spa rivals its human-geared counterparts in downtown Manhattan. Though seemingly lavish, this spa is necessary for dog show contestants; the grooming area prepares them to be looked over by judges and spectators alike. The hotel also sports an indoor pet relief area–complete with grass and a fake fire hydrant.

In addition to providing dog-centered amenities, owners are provided with additional refrigerators (upno request) to preserve dog meals and treats. Though the Hotel Pennsylvania does not offer room service, the Doggie Concierge is more than willing to oblige a late-night McDonald’s run for any competitor.

Hundreds of dogs travel to New York City each year to compete in the Westminster Dog Show. In accommodating these furry professionals, a hotel can both boost public visibility (who doesn’t love talking about a doggy spa?) and provide an essential service for some of the cutest animals on the planet.

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